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Our extensive supplier network and in-stock inventory allow us to quickly and efficiently source electronic components for your needs. Trust us to simplify the process of finding the right component for your project, with our specialized expertise in electronic sourcing.

Industrial Automation

Regent Electronics: Essential components for seamless industrial automation. Elevate performance with our advanced, reliable supplies.

Medical & Health Care

Regent Electronics delivers premium healthcare tech components promptly for life support instruments, prioritizing quality.


Regent Electronics: Elevate automotive projects with top-quality components, unbeatable prices, and outstanding service for optimal results.

Consumer Electronics

Regent Electronics specializes in components for personal electronics like TVs, computers, smartphones, and more, ensuring best quality and compatibility.


Regent Electronics guarantees prompt delivery of necessary parts through our extensive supplier network and well-stocked inventory.

Energy and Agriculture

Regent Electronics empowers the green energy future with electronic components. We source all parts for Autonomous vehicles and Drones.


Regent Electronics pioneers in supplying cutting-edge LED, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lighting components for diverse applications. Explore our premium range.


Regent Electronics provides essential components for seamless connectivity in both IoT and IT, facilitating efficient data transfer and connectivity.

Aerospace and Defence

Regent Electronic Aerospace: Trusted by leading airlines and MROs for superior aircraft inventory and component services.

Who We Are

The single-minded purpose that propels us forward is to constantly increase the value we offer to our customers.
Since 1996, Regent Electronics has been providing services to the global manufacturing industry. Our goal is to provide customized solutions to every industry segment, ensuring supply chain efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards and exceptional customer service.

Global Sourcing

Since its founding in 1996, Regent Electronics has worked tirelessly to build a strong network involving manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, and EMS companies. Our ecosystem is carefully vetted, ensuring that all components supplied meet manufacturers’ specifications

Excess Inventory

Regent Electronics provides a range of surplus solutions, and we work closely with our partners to identify the most suitable option. Utilizing our extensive network, we will discover alternative applications for your surplus components.

PCBA Solutions

Regent Electronics has served the global manufacturing sector since 1996. Our aim is tailored solutions for each industry segment, prioritizing supply chain efficiency and unwavering quality. We maintain high standards and deliver exceptional customer service.

Our Experience

Over the years, Regent Electronics has witnessed a remarkable transformation since its inception in 1996.
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Why Regent Electronics ?

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