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Audible signalling made easy with our selection of buzzers. Ideal for applications requiring attention-grabbing alerts or notifications, our buzzers come in various sizes and sound levels to suit different environments. Whether you’re designing alarm systems, appliances, or industrial machinery, our buzzers deliver clear and reliable sound output. With features such as low power consumption and compact designs, our buzzers are easy to integrate into your projects.

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Types of Batteries

  1. Piezoelectric Buzzers: These buzzers produce sound through the piezoelectric effect, where an electric signal applied to a piezoelectric material causes it to deform and produce sound waves.
  2. Magnetic Buzzers: Also known as electromagnetic buzzers, these devices use an electromagnetic coil and a diaphragm to produce sound when an electric current passes through the coil, causing it to move the diaphragm.
  3. Mechanical Buzzers: These buzzers rely on physical mechanisms such as a rotating disk or a vibrating reed to produce sound.
  4. Self-driven Buzzers: These buzzers have an integrated oscillator circuit and can produce sound when connected directly to a power source without the need for an external signal.
  5. Transducer Buzzers: These are essentially transducers that can convert electrical signals into sound waves, often used in combination with external oscillator circuits or microcontrollers to generate specific tones or patterns.
  6. Surface-Mount Buzzers: These buzzers are designed for surface-mount applications on printed circuit boards (PCBs), offering compact size and easy integration into electronic devices.
  7. Panel Mount Buzzers: These buzzers are designed to be mounted on panels or enclosures, often used in industrial applications where audible alerts are needed.
  8. Indicator Buzzers: These buzzers are designed specifically for use as indicators or alarms in various devices and systems.
  9. Continuous Tone Buzzers: These buzzers produce a continuous tone when activated, commonly used in alarm systems and signaling devices.
  10. Pulsed Tone Buzzers: These buzzers produce a pulsed tone, often used in applications where intermittent alerts or notifications are required.
  11. Multi-tone Buzzers: These buzzers can produce multiple tones or melodies, allowing for more versatile audible alerts in devices and systems.
  12. High-Frequency Buzzers: These buzzers are designed to produce sound at higher frequencies, often used in applications where audible alerts need to be clearly heard over background noise.
  13. Low-Frequency Buzzers: These buzzers produce sound at lower frequencies, suitable for applications where a more subtle or less intrusive alert is required.


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Buzzers FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

We offer a range of buzzers, including piezoelectric, magnetic, and electromechanical buzzers, suitable for various applications such as alarms, notifications, and signal devices.

Consider factors like sound pressure level, frequency, voltage, current consumption, and mounting type. Our detailed product datasheets can help you make the right choice.

We have buzzers designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Please check the specifications for environmental ratings.

 Yes, we can provide samples for testing and evaluation. Please contact our sales team to request samples.

– Yes, our technical support team is available to assist you with integrating buzzers into your designs and to answer any technical questions.

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