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Ensure seamless operation of vending machines and coin-operated devices with our selection of coin acceptors and vending machine parts. Designed for reliability and durability, our coin acceptors accurately detect and validate coins of different denominations. We also offer a range of replacement parts and accessories to maintain and repair vending machines, including coin mechanisms, bill validators, and control boards. With our quality components, you can keep your vending machines running smoothly and maximize revenue.

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Coin Validators

Coin Changers

Token Acceptors

Bill Validators

Coin Mechanisms

Product Dispensing Mechanisms

Payment Systems

Control Boards and Electronics

Display and User Interface

Locks and Security Features

Refrigeration and Cooling Systems

Structural Components

Types of amplifiers and comporators

  1. Coin Acceptors:
    a. Coin Validators: These devices authenticate coins based on their size, weight, and metal composition, allowing them to accept valid currency.
    b. Coin Changers: These mechanisms provide change in the form of coins when a larger denomination coin or bill is inserted into the machine.
    c. Token Acceptors: Similar to coin acceptors, token acceptors authenticate and process tokens instead of currency coins.
    d. Bill Validators: While not specifically for coins, bill validators authenticate paper currency and are often integrated into vending machines alongside coin acceptors.
  2. Vending Machine Parts:
    a. Coin Mechanisms: These parts include the coin slots, coin paths, and mechanisms that handle the acceptance, validation, and rejection of coins.
    b. Product Dispensing Mechanisms: These parts include the motors, solenoids, and actuators responsible for dispensing products such as snacks, beverages, or tickets.
    c. Payment Systems: These components encompass coin acceptors, bill validators, card readers, mobile payment systems, or any other method of accepting payment from customers.
    d. Control Boards and Electronics: These parts control the overall operation of the vending machine, managing inventory, accepting payments, and communicating with external systems.
    e. Display and User Interface: This includes the screen, buttons, touch panels, or any other interface that allows customers to interact with the vending machine.
    f. Locks and Security Features: These parts ensure the security of the vending machine, preventing unauthorized access to cash or products.
    g. Refrigeration and Cooling Systems: For vending machines that dispense perishable items like beverages or snacks, refrigeration systems are essential to maintain product freshness.
    h. Structural Components: These parts comprise the housing, doors, panels, and other structural elements that form the physical framework of the vending machine.


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  3. NRI (Nayax)
  4. Coinco
  5. Pyramid Technologies
  6. ICT (Innovative Technology)
  7. Currenza
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  9. Azkoyen
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  12. SuzoHapp
  13. Coin Mechanisms
  14. Royal Vendors
  15. Dixie-Narco
  16. National Vendors
  17. GPL (Global Payment Technologies)
  18. KICTeam
  19. Automated Merchandising Systems (AMS)
  20. Rowe International

FAQs for Coin Acceptors & Vending Machine Parts

We provide a variety of coin acceptors suitable for vending machines, arcade games, and other automated payment systems.

Our coin acceptors come with detailed installation manuals and wiring diagrams. Additionally, our technical support team is available to assist with any integration questions.

Yes, we stock a wide range of spare parts for vending machines, including coin mechanisms, bill validators, motors, and control boards.

Yes, we offer customization options to suit specific currency and operational requirements. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Yes, our technical support team can assist with troubleshooting and technical queries related to vending machine parts and coin acceptors.

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