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Make secure and reliable electrical connections with our selection of connectors. From board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors to circular and rectangular connectors, we offer a variety of options for different applications. Our connectors are available in various pitch sizes, pin counts, and mounting styles to suit your design needs. Whether you’re building consumer electronics, automotive systems, or industrial machinery, our connectors provide robust and dependable connectivity solutions.

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Types of Connectors

  1. RCA Connector: A type of coaxial connector commonly used for audio and video signals, featuring a cylindrical body with a center pin and outer ring.

  2. USB Connector: Universal Serial Bus connectors are used for connecting peripherals to computers and other devices. Common types include USB-A, USB-B, Mini USB, Micro USB, and USB-C.

  3. HDMI Connector: High-Definition Multimedia Interface connectors are used for transmitting uncompressed video and audio signals between devices, such as TVs, monitors, and gaming consoles.

  4. VGA Connector: Video Graphics Array connectors are used for analog video signals, commonly found on computer monitors and projectors.

  5. DVI Connector: Digital Visual Interface connectors are used for transmitting digital video signals between devices, such as computers and monitors.

  6. DisplayPort Connector: A digital display interface used primarily to connect a video source to a display device, supporting high-resolution video and audio.

  7. Ethernet Connector: RJ45 connectors are commonly used for Ethernet networking cables, facilitating the connection between computers, routers, switches, and other network devices.

  8. Coaxial Connector: Used for connecting coaxial cables, typically for transmitting radio frequency (RF) signals, such as in cable television, satellite TV, and networking applications.

  9. BNC Connector: Bayonet Neill-Concelman connectors are commonly used in video and RF applications, featuring a bayonet coupling mechanism for quick connection.

  10. XLR Connector: Commonly used for professional audio applications, such as microphones and audio mixers, featuring a circular connector with three pins for balanced audio signals.

  11. TRS Connector: Tip-Ring-Sleeve connectors are used for stereo audio signals and balanced audio signals, commonly found on headphones, audio interfaces, and musical instruments.

  12. Speakon Connector: Designed for professional audio applications, Speakon connectors are used for connecting amplifiers to loudspeakers, featuring a locking mechanism for secure connections.

  13. Miniature Audio Connectors: Including 3.5mm (1/8 inch) and 2.5mm connectors, commonly used for headphones, earphones, and small audio devices.

  14. Power Connectors: Various types of connectors used for supplying power to electronic devices, such as barrel connectors, power jacks, and terminal blocks.

  15. Fiber Optic Connector: Used for connecting optical fibers, facilitating the transmission of light signals in telecommunications and networking applications.

  16. Terminal Blocks: Connectors used for connecting wires to electrical or electronic devices, commonly used in industrial and building wiring applications.

  17. SMA Connector: SubMiniature version A connectors are used for RF and microwave applications, featuring a threaded coupling mechanism.

  18. MCX Connector: Micro Coaxial connectors are used for RF applications, featuring a snap-on coupling mechanism and small size.

  19. TNC Connector: Threaded Neill-Concelman connectors are similar to BNC connectors but feature a threaded coupling mechanism for increased durability.

  20. DIN Connector: Deutsche Industrie Norm connectors are used for various applications, including audio, video, and computer connections, featuring circular or rectangular designs with multiple pins.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Connectors

We supply a variety of connectors including USB, HDMI, RJ45, D-sub, circular connectors, and more from leading manufacturers.

Consider factors such as connector type, pin count, mounting style, and environmental conditions. Our datasheets provide detailed information to help with your selection

Yes, we offer a range of waterproof connectors suitable for harsh environments. Check the product specifications for IP ratings.

Yes, we provide custom connector assemblies to meet specific requirements. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Yes, we offer samples for many of our connectors. Please contact our sales team to request samples.

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