Sensors & Transducers

Capture and analyze real-world data with our sensors and transducers, providing accurate and reliable measurement of physical quantities and environmental parameters. From temperature sensors and pressure sensors to motion sensors and proximity sensors, we offer a diverse range of options for monitoring and control in a wide range of applications. Whether you’re designing IoT devices, industrial automation systems, or environmental monitoring solutions, our sensors and transducers provide the performance, sensitivity, and versatility you need to collect actionable data and make informed decisions.

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Safety Light Curtains

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Color Sensors

PIR Sensors


Photoelectric Sensors

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Thermal Sensors

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Industrial Pressure Sensors

Magneto Resistive Sensor Accessories

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Sensors & Transducers FAQs

We offer a variety of sensors including temperature, pressure, humidity, proximity, and motion sensors.

Consider the type of measurement, range, accuracy, environmental conditions, and the output signal requirements.

Yes, we provide a selection of wireless sensors for various applications.

Yes, we offer calibration services for many types of sensors. Contact us for more information.

Our sensors and transducers are used in automotive, healthcare, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and environmental monitoring.

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