Take control of your circuits with our selection of switches, offering reliable and versatile solutions for circuit control and automation. From simple push-button switches and toggle switches to rotary switches and slide switches, we offer a wide range of options to suit your application needs. Whether you’re designing user interfaces for consumer electronics, safety interlocks for industrial machinery, or power control systems for automotive applications, our switches provide the performance, durability, and flexibility you need to create intuitive and reliable control systems.

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Basic Limit Switch

Coded Switch

DIP Switch

Micro Switch

Rotary Switch

Slide Switch

FAQs about Switches

We offer a wide range of switches including toggle, push-button, rotary, slide, and DIP switches.

Consider the switch type, electrical rating, mounting style, actuation force, and environmental conditions.

Yes, we have a selection of waterproof and ruggedized switches suitable for harsh environments.

Yes, we provide illuminated switches in various colors and configurations.

Our switches are used in consumer electronics, automotive, industrial machinery, and home appliances.

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